The First Tale: Chapter 2, Page 14

Is there a support group for people who can’t finish a project before getting massively excited about another one? Or two? Because I need to be in that group. As much as I love this comic, I have an idea for something even better! Or, let’s say, something I’m more excited about. The First Tale is great for getting me to CREATE something consistently, but I am SO excited about what will come after this… you just wait. It’s going to be amazing. And the second thing – a collaborative project with Mina Smith, which I have no idea what form it will take!

But, in any case, this concludes chapter 2! A hearty thanks goes out to the lovely Derek Arey, who did some awesome gesture modeling for me.

…By the way, to read and write comments, there is a disturbingly small button to the left, below all the tags.
[text: Vida: Ring the bells.]

2 comments on “The First Tale: Chapter 2, Page 14”

  1. I found it! I found it! The disturbingly small button!

  2. Love your world!

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