The First Tale: Chapter 2, Page 12

Speaking of the Queen of Hearts, there’s a new vote incentive on Top Comics that’s an image of the dress I designed (in collaboration with my awesome boss/mentor Sally Southall) and made for her in the Blue Ridge Theatre Festival’s Alice in Wonderland.

Redrew this page at least 7 times! Gah! Haven’t had so much trouble with a page since the first one (which I did over 20 versions of, many of which full colour, over and over and over blaargh). Maybe next week I’ll post a prior permutation of the first page as a vote incentive, would that be interesting? How long can I go without making any new art for incentives?!

…By the way, to read and write comments, there is a disturbingly small button to the left, below all the tags.
[text: Vida: Silence! Engineer, excuse the rudeness of my people. If you will climb to the bower, I would speak with you in private there.]

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