The First Tale: Chapter 2, Page 11

And I present to you… the Queen of Hearts! Oh wait, wrong queen. The Queen of Carantania!

…By the way, to read and write comments, there is a disturbingly small button to the left, below all the tags.
[text: Vida: Ah! You have arrived! Mikel will show you to where the problem spot is. Master: Your Majesty, we did indeed come to make repairs. However, there are now much more pressing matters. On our way here, we encountered an army of bears headed to Carantha. Courtier 1: …heard about this one engineer… Courtier 2: Rumours! Courtier 3: Don’t take it from an engineer.]

3 comments on “The First Tale: Chapter 2, Page 11”

  1. Love the suits…

  2. So….ummm…still waiting for the next page! Love how its turning out though

  3. Thanks thanks! Reillikins, you have to wait until Monday for the next page!

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