The First Tale: Chapter 1, Page 4

Uh oh! Somebody’s in trou-ble (to the tune of neener-neener-neeeener).

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[text:Master: I just took a bit of a tumble. Nothing to worry about. Police: looks like you’re endangering more than yourself with that vehicle, engineer. Milka: Accompanied! By whom? Prohibition: that for the protection of the public health, and due to the unseemly comportment of one Master Engineer Zdenko which has resulted in damage to a healthy Douglas fir, said individual  will therefore no longer be permitted to operate a multi-pedaled  vehicle unless accompanied at all times and should he fail in this prohibition,  under no circumstances is he to operate said vehicle in the future.]

One comment on “The First Tale: Chapter 1, Page 4”

  1. I love the way that you use invisibility in the text (prohibition) to convey the message but without giving the reader access to the entire letter! awesome style, and subtlety. can’t wait for more.

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