Welcome to the land of Carantania…

By: Tania Bukach

Feb 15 2010

Category: Chapter 1, The First Tale


Coming soon: an adventure, a legend, a myth? A webcomic for sure.


4 comments on “Welcome to the land of Carantania…”

  1. Interesting looking material you have there (already), I think the artwork differs from any I’ve seen before…The use of colour and certain softness and living feeling, impressive. Keep up the good work!

  2. Once was whole, now it lay shattered,
    the bike across the grass is scattered,
    police o’ver the fallen have blathered
    on the road to Carant’.
    One broken wheel, and a fallen man,
    The tree still standing in the sand,
    A pretty girl, she lends a hand,
    this Lady of Carant’.

    Oh, my brain does odd things… Get the reference? Or are you not as down with Arthurian Literature as I have been forced to be…


    • Oh my gods, I am officially in LOVE with you Mina! I of course get the reference, though I think it’s more due to my knowledge of Anne of Green Gables than Arthurian literature. But this version is freeking amazing ❤

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